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Raleigh Restaurant Ramble

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Raleigh Restaurant Ramble

Thursday Evening, March 4

Explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of Raleigh

Continue your "adventures" as you explore downtown Raleigh via the FREE R-line bus system. Buses run approximately every 10-12 minutes until 2 a.m. Attendees can access the bus at the front of the conven- tion center. Use your "SMART card" for restaurant discounts vendors thanks to the Greater Raleigh Con- vention & Visitors Bureau.    The card is a sister program to the popular ZSpot Card, and there are over 200 businesses participating in the Raleigh SMART card program. NCTIES attendees may preview those here: http://www.zspotcard.com/. This "open evening" will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees and exhibitors to network as they expand their horizons.

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