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Poster Session 3

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This is the 2010 Conference Wiki.  The 2011 conference wiki is in progress and will be ready by mid-February, 2011.  Visit the wiki at:



                                              Poster Session 3




Friday, March 5th from 10:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.


Poster Station 1

Paperless Classroom - Getting Ready for the Adventure

An overview of a paperless adventure: how we prepared, the mistakes we made, and the do-overs we wish we had. Lesson ideas will be given and student samples will be shown.

Tonya Shepard, Canton Middle School

Amy Boswell, Teacher - Canton Middle School

Target Audience:  Middle, High,




Poster Station 2

New Interactive Adventures Everyday  - the SMART Way!

Join us and journey through the resources available in Notebook 10. Discover hidden treasures that will make creating interactive lessons a snap. Explore a variety of powerful tools in the gallery and see these tools used in lesson design. You will leave with great ideas for creating your own interactive lessons!

Presentation file

Lynn Keith, Providence Spring Elementary

Jennifer Keith, Providence Spring Elementary

Target Audience:  Elementary,




Poster Station 3

The $100 Interactive Whiteboard

Everybody sees the value in Interactive Whiteboards. Not everybody has the funding to place IWB's in every classroom. In this session, you will learn how to have your own IWB for $100 or less using a Wiimote and shareware. (Of course, you need a projector too, and that's not included!)

Dale Cain, Hawfields Middle School

Michele Nelson, Hawfields Middle School

Target Audience:  K-12, Administration,



Poster Station 4

Factors Needed to Ascertain Information Security & Safety and StudentsÌ Security Interests

This paper focuses on (a) current information security and safety concerns and (b) how to practically determine the profile and invasion-hardiness or value of your own computerÌs health.  Finally, focus will shift to invasion remedies, future of secure computing and conclude with handouts.

Ewuuk Lomo-David, North Carolina A&T State University

Kossy Edoh, North Carolina A&T State University

Target Audience:  High, K-12, Administration, Other, College Students




Poster Station 5

Results from an Evaluation of the New Learning Ecology: 1:1 Learning Environments in Schools

Discover what weÌre learning from the NC 1:1 Learning Technology Initiative: Year 2 Evaluation Study of Laptops in NC High Schools. The presentation will discuss the critical building blocks of an effective 1:1 computing environment. A summative handout will be distributed.

Jennifer Tingen, North Carolina State University

Jenifer Corn, Senior Research Associate

Elizabeth Halstead, Research Associate

Target Audience:  High, K-12, Administration,




Poster Station 6

GOing LIVE with North Carolina Virtual and Learn and Earn Online:Getting Organized to Lead Innovatively for Virtual Education NCVPS has launched its new leadership for innovation approach, GO LIVE, an approach to partner with Leading Edge Districts to lead innovatively, build leadership capacity, and further SBOE 21st Century Learning Goals. The session will focus on the basic tenets of this approach: the mission, vision, values, PLC-e-LC integration, learning and leading blended learning through professional development modules and collaborative activities with support from the GO LIVE Google Site (http://sites.google.com/site/ncvpsgolive/), a participatory learning site committed to offering blended learning and leading solutions across the four service options: Classic, Modular, Mobile, and Blended. This site is intended for district and school leadership teams to start the virtual conversation about the Why? the What? and The How? of virtual learning and getting organized while interacting together to foster strategic planning, deployment, and implementation of the virtual advantage. GO LIVE navigates across the 5 SBOE 21st Century Learning Goals: Leadership for Innovation, Learners, Systems, Environments, and Professional. Participants are encouraged to bring lap tops and engage in the GO LIVE conversation and interactive environment. Don Lourcey, NCVPS Target Audience: Superintendents, Assoc. Superintendents, Secondary Ed. Directors, Principals, Distance Learning Advisors


Poster Station 7

Discover Closed Caption Videos

Discovery Education has thousands of Closed Caption videos. Learn how to utilize the code to edit the content within these videos or create our own closed captioning for other videos.  You can even put them in any language once you have the correct language translation.

Conni Mulligan, Buncombe County Schools

Target Audience:  K-12, Administration,

Link to Presentation:  http://conni-workshops.wikispaces.com/Closed-Caption




Technology Showcase A—Exhibit Hall A Friday 10:30 a.m-11:15 a.m.

HP Teachsmart Solutions using Virtual Solutions

Using a virtual environment to get more computer hardware into your class- rooms for less money

Dan Gilbreath, HP

Target Audience: K-12, Administrators, Other






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