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Poster Session 2

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This is the 2010 Conference Wiki.  The 2011 conference wiki is in progress and will be ready by mid-February, 2011.  Visit the wiki at:



                                                 Poster Session 2




Thursday, March 4th from 2:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Poster Station 1

How to Provide Successful Professional Development in Technology

Basic how-to steps for the planning, implementation and support of professional development in technology will be provided.  Suggested practices will assist in the development of sustainable effective and meaningful experiences for teachers.  This presentation addresses the process of professional development and may be applied to any content workshop or training.

Handouts: NCTIES 2010 - Professional Development.pdf

NCTIES 2010 Conference handout.pdf

Sarah Meltzer, Western Carolina University

Target Audience:  Administration, Other, Coordinators planning professional development




Poster Station 2

What is the Sk''hype'' about Google and Gaggle?

Kannapolis Middle decided to become a paperless school as much as possible with the assistance of Skype, Google, and Gaggle.  Teachers, administrators, and academic coaches use Skype for quick communication, Google for collabaration/organizing daily necessities, and Gaggle email for the students.  This session will explain how we do this.

Beth Spell, Kannapolis Middle School

Debby Smith, Media Coordinator

Target Audience:  K-12, Administration,




Poster Station 3

The Big Sneeze - Student Created Public Service Announcements

Second grade students planned, researched, and wrote public service announcement videos about germs and flu prevention. This project incorporated health, science, writing skills, information skills and technology skills. We will view sample videos, discuss the process, and share planning documents, research sheets, assessments, and script templates.

Matt Whiteside, Ira B. Jones

Daniel Withrow, Second Grade Teacher

Target Audience:  Elementary,



Poster Station 4

Using Classroom Clickers: Best Practices

Gizmos and gadgets galore dot the education landscape. So, do class- room clickers improve student learning? As with any technology, it de- pends on their use. This interactive session will look at current research and best practices for using classroom response systems. Session infor- mation will be available online.

Marty Williams, Asheboro City Schools

Target Audience: K-12, Administration




Poster Station 5

Advanced 21st Century Technology to Keep Students Safe

Main concerns among school districts when the subject of student email is approached, is keeping students safe.  A unique anti-pornography scanning tool helps districts meet this concern by providing a means of distinguishing between appropriate and inappropriate pictures and URL links. Join us to see this amazing tool in action.

Ryan Keag, Gaggle.Net, Inc.

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration,




Poster Station 6

Do Your Personal Best on the EOG Test

Using the song, ''Do Your Personal Best on the EOG Test,'' students learn test-taking strategies in a fun, upbeat way. Student-created DVDs, dictionaries, board games, and place mats incorporating test-taking strategies help children improve their EOG scores. Digital copies of lesson plans, thinking maps, and music will be available.

Harriet Sherman, Chatham Middle School

Sherry Dougherty,

Gwendolyn Hanner, Chatham Middle School

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle,




Poster Station 7

Using iPods in the Classroom

The presentation will focus on using ipods in the classroom as a center, review, or independent practice.  We are creating bodcasts and movies to put on iPods to help improve student achievement.  We will use computers, iPods, flip camera, and internet sites.

Micahel Murphy, Conn Elementary School

Dianne Sammarco, Technology Assistant

Brenda Shore, Media Specialist

Target Audience:  Elementary,




Poster Station 8

Creating, Evaluating and Analyzing: Using Web 2.0 Tools to Reach the Upper Levels of Revised Bloom's Taxonomy

North Carolina's Dept. of Public Instruction has written the Essential Stan- dards based on Revised Bloom's Taxonomy. Participants are explored to bring laptops to discuss how Web 2.0 technologies can help reach the upper levels of Bloom's.

Drew Polly, UNC Charlotte

Target Audience: Elementary


EDTECH Retreat in Second Life (Virtual Presentation)

Merging Technologies: Tutoring with Skype and OneNote

I will give resources, downloads, methods, and suggestions for tutoring students via freeware Skype webcam software.  ManyCam is freeware that will be used in conjunction with Skype to allow those involved in the conversation to see your desktop.  Microsoft OneNote is an often overlooked tool in collaboration that is comes with any Microsoft Office 2007 suit.  Most computers running office have this great tool at your disposal.  It will be the platform for working math equations, although Microsoft paint can be used in the same manner.

A wireless writing tablet is a wonderful option when tutoring math and is recommended.

Christopher Wiles, Math Teacher



Technology Showcase A—Exhibit Hall Thursday 2:45 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

HP Overview of Solutions of Assessment and Grading

How to better incorporate technology using HP Imaging and Printing products

John Kosch, HP

 Target Audience: K-12, Administrators, Other


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