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Concurrent Session 7

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This is the 2010 Conference Wiki.  The 2011 conference wiki is in progress and will be ready by mid-February, 2011.  Visit the wiki at:



                                                Concurrent Session 7




Thursday, March 4th from 4:45 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.

Meeting Room 202

RSS to the Extreme÷Infinite Potential for 21st Century Educators & Students

RSS WebFeeds are intimidating to some but truly indispensable. Honestly, you wonÌt believe it.  As a matter of fact, RSS means ÏReally_Simple_SyndicationÓ so come see how easy it is to have dynamic web content delivered to your email, phone, homepage, blog, wiki or classroom website.  How you view the web will be forever changed...Guaranteed.

Anthony Woodyard, Guilford County Schools

David Berry, Guilford County Schools

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration,



Meeting Room 204

Viritual Manipulatives in Elementary Math Classrooms

Participants will be encouraged to bring laptops to examine virtual manipulatives that can be used to enhance teaching and learning in elementary math classrooms. All resources shared will be free, web-based materials.

Drew Polly, UNC Charlotte

Target Audience: Elementary

 Link- http://elemath.pbworks.com/MSTC-09




Meeting Room 301a

Free Tools for the Classroom

In this session we will go through and discuss different types of applications that can be used in the classroom.  As budgets are getting tighter and tighter we should be looking towards Open Source and free software.

John Warf, NC DPI

Target Audience:  K-12, Administration,




Meeting Room 301b

Friends Along For The Journey of Learning-Why You Need A Personal Learning Network

It is difficult for educators to succeed if they teach on an island. Join us as we will look at one educators Journey through the discovery of the Personal Learning Network (PLN) using Twitter and Ning as starting points and how you can get started on yours.

Steven Anderson, Clemmons Middle School/WSFCS

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration,





Meeting Room 302a

Discover the Wild West Edition:  Adventures in eZine Production

The high school media specialist, student success coordinator, and a couple of students we've wrangled from class, will present the journey from collaborative idea to finished product- the Wild West Edition, our student-produced ezine.  We'll provide start-up suggestions, production ideas and free online tools to enhance your own school ezine.

Robin Rhodes, West Wilkes High School

Jody Freeman, West Wilkes High School

Miranda Student 1, West Wilkes High School

Target Audience:  K-12, Administration,




Meeting Room 302b

Going Google-Free: Providing Quality Student Research Tools

The focus is on preparing students to identify and use quality electronic resources for research.  We will share WebPath Express, pathfinders, online databases, and other web tools.  Google-free research focuses on partnerships between teachers and media specialists to match student research with curricular goals using quality, age-appropriate resources.  Handouts provided.

Paula Barnes Cardinale, Durant Road Middle School

Paul Cancellieri, Durant Road Middle School

Kristen Ziller, Durant Road Middle School

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle,




Meeting Room 302c

Online Instructional Design: Lessons Learned from COLT

As courses move to online and blended formats, designing instruction for web-based and asynchronous presentation is a skill teachers will need.  LEARN NC staff will discuss the basics of sound instructional design for the online environment, stepping you through some of the lessons learned in the Carolina Online Teacher

(COLT) program.

Gail Burchfiel, LEARN NC, UNC-Chapel Hill

Ross White, LEARN NC, UNC-Chapel Hill

Target Audience:  K-12,




Meeting Room 303

The Copyright Conundrum

The Internet has provided easy access to a broad array of resources but has complicated the rules for using them in the classroom.  Join us as we navigate the choppy waters of copyright and simplify the process of sorting out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Dan Sparlin, NCDPI

Target Audience:  K-12,




Meeting Room 304 (Featured Presenter)

The Next 3 R’s: Revisioning Old Skills for the New Information Landscape

The Read/Write Web has changed the way our kids consume and create information. Let's explore the crucial skills they will need in order to be effec- tive citizens in in our knowledge-based, multi-media world.

Alice Yucht




Meeting Room 305a

SMART Adventures in Literacy - in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Enhance literacy instruction using the SMARTboard. Lesson ideas for visualizing vocabulary, teaching reading skills, novel studies, and identifying character traits - to name a few. See how we use SMART's Student Response System to track student performance by objectives on baseline assessments throughout the year. Session is packed with ideas that transform learning in todayÌs literacy classroom.

Suzanne Blaszak, Providence Spring Elementary

Sherri Bernier-Lucien, Providence Spring Elementary

Target Audience:  Elementary,




Meeting Room 305b

Alice- the Free, Fun, and Easy Way to Introduce Students to Programming

Alice is a Free animation/programming software program from Carnegie Mellon. It encourages students especially girls/minorities to learn programming in a fun way by creating animation/video games as they learn concepts. Studies show students using Alice succeed in future programming classes. http://alice.org Bring laptop for hands-on demonstration. Winner top 3 sessions at 2009 NCTIES!

Elaine Witkowski, Archdale-Trinity Middle School

Jill Elberson, Randleman Middle School

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Other, Universities are also teaching Alice as a pre-computer science class.

Session Links:

http://www.alice.org (free software download/resources)

http://aliceprogramming.net (resources)

http://www.cs.duke.edu/csed/alice/aliceInSchools/workshop08/tutorials.php (tutorials)

http://www.cs.duke.edu/csed/alice/aliceInSchools/workshop08/lessonPlans.php (m.s. & h.s. lesson plans)

http://learnalice.blogspot.com (video clips, NCTIES presentation, blog)

http://www.personschool.com (text books)




Meeting Room 306a

Using Vernier LAbQuests to Enhance Inquiry Based Learning`

Hands-on!!  Vernier LabQuest, along with probeware from several different science disciplines, will be used to investigate labs similar to ones used in the science laboratory.    Teachers will have the opportunity to use the LabQuests and discover the power of a very exciting data gathering instrument!!

Scott Rodgers, A. L. Brown High School

Nicole Wolcott, A. L. Brown High School

Target Audience:  Middle, High,




Meeting Room 306b

Screencasting in Education

Learn how teachers across the country are using screen recording products like Camtasia Studio, Camtasia:mac, and Jing to enhance their students learning experience both inside and outside the classroom.  Whether youÌre a novice or already a screencasting expert, this session will show you new and innovative ways to deliver content.

Kelly Larson, TechSmith Corporation

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration, Other, IT Training/Media Specialist/Librarians






Meeting Room 307

Reaching disengaged students with MUVE 3D  Learning Worlds,

7,000 NC school children grades 4 to 8 are participating in a research project that takes students, as avatars, into 3D Internet worlds where they learn while going on exciting missions. Teachers are seeing significant learning gains. This presentation looks at formal field studies, reports from NC teachers and discusses how virtual learning worlds reach at risk children.

Glenna Musante, One Planet Education Network http://openquestatlantis.com

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle,




Meeting Room 402 (Featured Speaker)

The Next 3 R’s:  Revisioning Old Skills for the New Information Landscape

The Read/Write Web has changed the way our kids consume and create information. Let's explore the crucial skills they will need in order to be effective citizens in in our knowledge-based, multi-media world.  

Alice Yucht, dba Alice in Infoland

Target Audience:  K-12, Administration, Other, IT Training/Media Specialist/Librarians




Apple Showcase Room 201

"Apple iPod Learning Solutions:

Need a 'simple' way to introduce mobile learning to your students? Then you need to join Apple to learn about our "exclusive", streamlined cart that can store, charge and sync iPod devices to the same computer. Learn different scenarios for managing the use of iPods in the classroom as well. 


Apple, Inc.



Technology Showcase A

ZENworks 10 and Windows 7.  It Was My Idea!

ACTIVE DIRECTORY OR EDIRECTORY - NO PROBLEM!  ZENWorks Configuration Manager gives you the tools for deploying standard operating environment, applications, patches, and more. ZCM provides remote management, hardware and software inventory, as well as asset management AND it offers full support for WINDOWS 7.

Sheila Sentelle, Tiber Creek Consulting

Target Audience:  K-12, Administration, Technical Director, and Technical Staff




Technology Showcase B

21st Century Collaboration:  Engage Your Students and Your Staff Through the use of Video

A look into how video and collaboration will improve the quality of education in our public schools while at the same time making your educators more productive and able to adapt to the changing needs of students.

Donavan DolphCisco Specialist:  Unified Collaboration




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