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Session 1

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This is the 2010 Conference Wiki.  The 2011 conference wiki is in progress and will be ready by mid-February, 2011.  Visit the wiki at:




                                                Poster Session 1


                           Poster Sessions will be held in the 2nd floor Corridor of the Convention Center



Thursday, March 4th from 8:45 - 9:30


Poster Station 1

Using Classroom Clickers: Best Practices

Gizmos and gadgets galore dot the education landscape.  So, do classroom clickers improve student learning?  As with any technology, it depends on their use.  This interactive session will look at current research and best practices for using classroom response systems. Session information will be available online.

Marty Williams, Asheboro City Schools

Target Audience:  K-12, Administration,









Poster Station 3

Wikis, It's Elementary, My Dear!

See how these elementary teachers are effectively using wikis with their children.  We will share what we learned including our success stories AND faux pas.  Learn how the whole school was involved in creating a wiki and how a 4th grade team and a 5th grade teacher successfully used wikis in two separate project-based learning activities.

Maude Caudle, Greenboro Day School

Karen Baldwin, Greensboro Day School

Peter Buxenbaum, Greensboro Day School

Stephanie Shoaf

Target Audience:  Elementary,




Poster Station 4

Navigating the Digital Waters

Moodle, Wiki, Quia... Do you feel like you're drowning in a sea of internet resources? Need a little guidance? Whether you are dipping in your toes or ready to dive in, let me show you how I've integrated technology into my 7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies classes.

Jennifer Drury, Canton Middle School

Crystal McCracken, Canton Middle School

Target Audience:  K-12,



Poster Station 5

Email Archiving and the Open Records Laws

School districts are now required by law to archive email.  Come learn the essentials about email archiving and features you should consider when choosing an email archiving solution.  This session will cover different types of archiving available, the importance of spam and virus protection as it relates to archiving.

Ryan Keag, Gaggle.Net, Inc.

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration,



Poster Station 6

Technology Ideas for Little Hands

Technology and young students really do go together! This session will offer activities and strategies that you can use with your young students for all areas of the curriculum. Examples of student work will be shared and information provided on all workshop resources.

Lisa Gurley, Fred L. Wilson Elementary/Kannapolis City Schools

Joanna Brown, Woodrow Wilson Elementary/Kannapolis City Schools

Target Audience:  Elementary,



Poster Station 7

Language Arts the Web 2.0 way

Are you struggling with ways to motivate your ELA students?  Across content areas, our students look forward to writing, reading, and listening!   Join us for an interactive session that focuses on getting all students engaged and excited about reading, writing, and listening:  web2.0 style!  Participants are encouraged to bring laptops.

Stacy Giaccone, Kannapolis Intermediate School

Kim Richard, Kannapolis Intermediate School

Target Audience:  K-12,



Poster Station 8

Enhancing Instruction with Social Networking (Click to view the presentation companion website)

Learn how to enhance your classroom instruction with social networking.  Topics that will be explored are:  The definition of social networking, Ning (social networking platform), social networking activities that can be used to promote engagement in the classroom, the do's and don'ts of social networking in the classroom. 

Jessica Lofton, Kaplan University

Target Audience:  K-12, Other, Higher Education



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